Welcome to Dr. Kammath’s Pediatric Dental Care

Treatment room

We are a Pediatric Dental Care practice that is committed to providing excellent dental care to children up to the age of 18 in a soothing and comfortable environment.

The main reason why many adults are scared of visiting the dentist’s office is because of bad memories of traumatic dental experiences in childhood. Not anymore, Dr. Kammath’s Pediatric Dental Care believes that children should grow up with ‘healthy smiles’ – and for us, the smile on the child’s face is just as important as ensuring good oral health. 

Technology-Driven Treatment

Comfort and ease are the top priorities in Pediatric Dentistry. With advanced equipment like Digital X-rays and Intra-Oral Cameras, our Pediatric Dentists are now able to detect issues with greater accuracy more quickly and with much less radiation than traditional X-rays. 

Rotary Endodontics with Endomotors allow our dental experts to complete root canal treatment (RCT) in a single sitting with minimal discomfort and a reduced number of injections. 

For treatments requiring Pediatric Dental Sedation, laughing gas or nitrous oxide is provided through a Consed (Conscious Sedation) machine, which helps to reduce anxiety and stress. 

Laser Tongue Tie Frenectomy (Tongue Tie release procedure) with Conscious Sedation performed at our clinic is a day procedure, without the need for general anaesthesia or hospital stay. 

Comfortable Treatment Rooms

Children often have anxiety when visiting the dentist, especially during the first visit. Even children who are familiar with visits to a Pediatric Dentist may not always be patient and cooperative during their oral examination. Dr. Kammath’s Pediatric Dental Care clinic has been designed to be comfortable, soothing, and child-friendly at each and every nook and corner with themed rooms featuring The Minions, Peppa Pig, and a Jungle room. Since we also practice Special Care Dentistry for children with special needs, our clinic is also made wheelchair-friendly and accessible so that every child has a positive experience during his / her visit, regardless of their physical and mental abilities. 

Hygiene and Safety Measures

Over the years, the rigorous hygiene and safety protocols have helped us earn the trust of our patients as well as their parents. We accept patients strictly based on prior appointments only so that there is no compromise on our sterilization protocols. All of our reusable equipment, including dental handpieces, are sterilized before every use. After individually pouching our instruments, we use a B class autoclave for full proof sterilization with steam, heat and pressure. All of our staff wear masks and gloves in the operatory and the countertops and surfaces undergo chemical disinfection. All disposable materials used during procedures are also hygienically and responsibly disposed after use. This routine is followed after every procedure, even during the same day, on lines established along the Covid Protection Protocol.

Friendly and Professional Team

Our team of expert Pediatric Dentists and experienced supporting staff are dedicated to providing children the highest standard of quality dental care in a warm and comfortable environment. We are trained to cater to the various oral health care needs of the children along with managing their behaviour and de-escalating their fears about dental visits and treatments.