Minor Surgical Procedures

1. Tongue Tie

Tongue tie is a condition present at birth that restricts the movement of tongue. It is an unusually short tight band of tissue attaches the bottom of the tongue to floor of the mouth. The condition can interfere with feeding, speech and functional requirements. Sometimes tongue tie may not cause problems but in some cases may require surgical procedure for correction.


Mucocele is a cyst like structure resulting from obstruction of salivary glands commonly seen in lower lips, palate, cheek, tongue and floor of the mouth. Mucocele results secondary to injury and in most situations goes unrecognised. If untreated they can organize and becomes large oral cyst interfere with chewing ,speech or even infected later. If it persists for months is not likely to go away on its own the only successful treatment is the surgical removal as early when recognised.

3. Supernumerary Tooth

It is a condition of having extra teeth in the mouth in addition to regular number Of teeth. Supernumerary teeth need to be removed to prevent crowding or displacement of other teeth. In some cases it may be left alone and observed over time if not causing any problems. Removal of these extra teeth may require minor surgical procedures. Usually it is unrecognised if deeply located and may leads to many complications in future. Early diagnosis and treatment will prevent such complications.

4. Odontomes

Odontomes are developmental malformations of dental tissues usually asymptomatic often during childhood when teeth do not erupt within the expected time. Complications includes obstruction of eruption ,infection, abscess and cystic changes The treatment option is the removal of mass of tissues by conservative surgery.

Minor oral surgical procedures can be carried out more effectively if the child is comfortable and free of pain. All these minor surgical procedures can safely done in our clinic under conscious sedation in a calm and relaxed environment throughout the procedure.